Twelve (12) different workshops will be offered at TYC 2018. Each participant will attend two workshops daily. When registering, applicants should select the four most appealing workshop topics, noting that availability is not guaranteed. Workshop assignments will be given to participants upon arrival at TYC.
A. Coffee and Calling
Jesus calls us to love our neighbors, to discipleship, service, our future careers, etc. Drink coffee (or tea) and discover what Jesus may be calling you to do.
B. Prayer
Finding time to pray in our busy lives can be difficult. Practice prayer and explore new techniques to communicate with God in your everyday life.
C. Community in Christ
Communication is key in all healthy relationships, but especially in yours with Christ. Learn how to develop a meaningful bond with others.
D. Seeing God
Challenge yourself to see how God is with you. Often we think God has abandoned us, He is with you always, you just have to look.
E. Jammin with Jesus
There’s music. There’s Jesus. What more could you want? Come and use your talents to glorify God and have a whole lot of fun. Anyone who wants to participate is welcome and musical experience is a plus but not a requirement.
F. Whooooooo are you? (Who who, who who)
Our trials become our testimony, and our testimony is a sign of our strength. Dig into who you are and how to tell your faith story.
G. Under Pressure
Pressure of school expectations, transitions, work, etc. put us all under an uncomfortable amount of pressure. Discover healthy ways to handle these situations through your faith journey.
H. Good Grief
We all deal with grief in different ways, so let’s explore the different options to support one another in our faith.
I. Putting the Christ Back in Christian
Christian means “little Christ.” Exploring how to live life with Christ as your guide, not just giving life advice from afar.
J. Women of the Bible
Explore the many great and influential women of the Holy Bible and their influences and impacts on Christianity and learn further information on the importance of gender roles in the Bible.
K. Your Past Does Not Define You
We are imperfect people with imperfect pasts under a perfect God. Explore how we can find ourselves in Christ instead of our worldly experiences.
L. Walking With God
Walk with God and take a relaxing approach to express yourself through meditations, nature and art.


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  • Registration Deadline: July 21, 2018
  • TYC 2018:  I Am With You
    July 22-28, 2018


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